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Thrift enthusiast, dumpster diver, sandwich maker.  I sell my vintage goodies so I don't become a hoarder and always have an excuse to thrift.


My love for thrifting began in high school.  I found my prom dress for $20 at a Goodwill in Wichita, KS. and have been hooked on the thrill of the hunt ever since.  I have a love for all decades, but currently a soft spot for the 70's and 80's.   I love ridiculous fashion choices and big gold jewelry.

After our dear friend Steve DeVore passed away we were left with a full storage locker that housed a massive record collection.  He was an avid collector and borderline hoarder (OK he was a full fledged hoarder).  He knew what to look for and his collection is impressive to say the least.  Full of first pressings and rare albums.  While it was his wish for us to continue where he left off it's been a joy going through his collection and finding vinyl lovers who appreciate them  as much as he did and will care for them for years to come.  He will be in our hearts forever. 

If you are local to Kansas City you can find our albums in person on the 1st floor of Martin's Memories and clothes, furniture, and home decor on the 2nd floor, South side of the building.  1400 West 12th St. Kansas City, MO and at pop ups around town.  Follow along to see where we pop up next!  You can also check our Etsy shops for rare and hard to find records, clothes, and home decor..

Home base in in Overland Park, KS 

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